If you spend more than $10,000 a year on Letter of Credit transactions, read further for savings.

Through our various bank relationships, we have helped companies achieve better terms, lower pricing and exceptional service. At Blades International,Inc., our goal is to bring more transparency and competition to the market. In some cases, banks earn returns on capital of 40% or 80% when they confirm your Export Letter of Credit.

Just as interesting, consider this, Bank capital requirements on confirmed Export Letters of Credit, Commercial Letters of Credit and Performance, or Trade, Standby Letters of Credit, are around half of what they would be for issuing a financial Standby Letter of Credit.

Chances are, your bank doesn’t explain what type of return on capital they make on your transactions. The risks on Trade Standby Letters of Credit and Export Letter of Credit confirmations are historically lower than on Financial Letters of Credit. Consequently, the capital required, and therefore the pricing, should be even lower.