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FX Rate Integrity® Review and
Markup Indication

Choose a form type.

There are three different ways to send your historical foreign exchange rate data to Blades International for your free FX Rate Integrity® review and Markup Indication. Simply select the option you find meets with your needs and complete the form or attach the appropriate document from your computer.

Input Rate Data

Type in trade information, up to ten (10) trades. NOTE: All fields for at least the first four (4) trades are required *. Once complete, check the box saying you understand the terms and click Send Data.

If you have more trades to share than 10, please use the Attach Spreadsheet or Provide Documents options from the tabs above.

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Send Excel Spreadsheet(s)

Use this form if you have just one or two Excel spreadsheet files to upload. It will allow you to upload an existing file from your computer that contains 10 or more trades.

Please see the Sample Excel Spreadsheet: fx-rate-worksheet.xlsx.

Select Excel File(s)
CTRL + Click to select multiple files for upload.

Provide PDF/Word Documents

This is a good option if you have PDF documents to send. It is preferred that you send the trades by entering the data or sending an Excel spreadsheet, but if you want to send a PDF document, then attach it here. Again, use only if you have 10 or more trades to send in for our review. After attaching file(s) check the terms box and then click Send Data.

Select PDF File(s)
CTRL + Click to select multiple files for upload.